Although the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus looks quite alike to the prior model, there are several technical changes made on it. The new Samsung earbud has a better battery life and a superior microphone. Besides, it uses the present-day dual-driver system for excellent sound quality.

In addition, it can now be used in iOS devices. There are certain downsides as well. Disregarding the higher IPX4 rating, and premium audio codecs were not expected. Go through the complete review to know all about the new Galaxy Buds Plus.


Galaxy Buds Plus

The Galaxy Buds Plus looks indistinguishable from the last year’s design. The modish earbud has a sleek housing with snuggly silicon eartips. More to it, the eartips are adjustable. The galaxy bud comes in red, white, blue, and black colors. Like the contemporary galaxy buds, it does not have a long stem. Having said that, it fits exquisitely on your ears. However, it is quite uncomfortable to wear these buds while laying. You will also get three additional eartips of different sizes in the box.

The exterior capacitive button reacts differently with single, double, triple, and long touches. The long press will wake up the virtual assistant. Besides, it can also lower the volume and switch on the sound amplification. The IPX2 splash-resistant has certainly let us down. It is still good enough to use for your workout sessions. But you should not take the buds with you to the swimming pools.  

Talking about the case, it looks decent with the sheeny, rounded corners. It will easily go into your pockets. Likewise, it will also serve you as a charger and provides additional charge. The case has the Type-C port at the bottom.


The freshly released Galaxy bud flaunts a better battery life. The battery life is far more better than the precedent version. The battery Galaxy Buds Plus will easily last for 11hours. Besides, the charging case proffers you an additional 11hours of battery backup. This notifies us that the bud has a total battery life of 22hours.

The 11hours of battery for the bud is very enticing. The Apple AirPod incorporates 5hours of battery while its case provides an additional battery backup of 20hours. The charging case of the new Galaxy Bud should have served a better battery backup.

It includes the Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity while Apple still uses the 4.2. It is very stable and the connection rarely drops. Setting up the bud is very uncomplicated. It can be done through Bluetooth or via Galaxy Wearable. In addition, it also supports multi-pairing technology. This helps us connect the bud to different devices without the compulsion of repairing.


The Samsung buds are always well-known for its excellent sound quality. The introduction of dual-driver has made things even better. The elevated bass and soothing sound will not distort even at higher sound levels. We can also see the woofer and tweeters for a wide range of sound. Samsung’s DSP makes the new bud suitable for all genres of music. You can also customize the sound from the earbud.

The surplus mic makes the noise amplification a lot better. The noise amplification helps to reduce a significant amount of disturbance. But it is not as good as the noise reduction earbuds. The new Galaxy Bud does not serve us with the active noise cancellation.


Packed with all the premium features, the Galaxy Buds Plus costs Rs.17,000 in Nepal. The stat is quite admirable if you look at other earbuds with similar features. The price of Powerbeats 4 cis around Rs.19000 which was released in May. On the other hand, the well-liked Apple AirPod carries a price tag of Rs.30,000.


The Galaxy Buds Plus brags a long-lasting battery life. As mentioned earlier, the battery will last for a total of 22hours. If you are seeking an earbud with excellent battery backup then you should have your hands on the new Galaxy Buds Plus.

However, it does not have built-in virtual assistance. The IPX2 splash-resistance was also not expected. Besides, it also lacks the active noise cancellation. Having said that, it is one of the best wireless earphones under Rs.20,000.

Galaxy Buds Plus