Realme just released their newest generation of fitness watches and there’s a new addition to the family with the Pro suffix. At an economical price point, the Realme Watch 2 Pro offers some fascinating features such as a bigger display and built-in GPS. Realme hopes that by including these features, among others, it would be able to appeal to entry-level smartwatch consumers who do not require a full-featured smartwatch.

Design of Realme Watch 2 Pro

The 1.75-inch rectangular screen on the Realme Watch 2 Pro is curved at the corners. The chin is slightly thicker than the rest of the screen’s bezels. The watch’s shell is entirely made of plastic, and it has a wonderful reflecting shine.

A single physical button on the right side controls power and standby, as well as serving as a back button while we are navigating around the watch interface. You can use a lift-to-wake gesture, press the button, or tap the screen once to wake it up. The Realme Watch 2 Pro comes in two color options: Space Grey and Metallic Silver. The watch shell, as well as the provided strap, is unique. Standard 22mm watch bands are compatible with this wearable.

The strap comes in two colors: white and black. While the watch is straightforward in design, the fit is a bit of a problem. The watch’s plasticky feel can be bothersome at times, and it makes it unwearable in extreme weather for lengthy periods of time. The band would not be comfortable if you sweat a lot.

Display and features

This is where Realme’s timepiece really starts to shine. The screen has been improved by the company, making it brighter and with a higher resolution. The screen is viewable under the sun even at the lowest brightness setting.

The colors and brightness make viewing easy, despite the fact that the screen is still glossy and reflecting. To increase performance, Realme can offer the next iterations a matte coating. The watch has a greater number of modes than prior models. There are many more workout trackers and watch faces available. However, certain key components appear to be lacking. More personalization would be beneficial to the organization in the long run. Android users, on the other hand, have more customization possibilities. The do-not-disturb option is quite useful. The vibration settings aren’t really different, and more iteration of vibration speed and intensity will really make it more appealing.

User Interface

The watch’s user interface is straightforward. You slide down to see notifications, up to see the apps library, right to see quick settings, and left to show widgets like daily activity progress, heart rate, sleep information, weather updates, music playback, and more. Swiping right inside a menu returns you to the previous screen. The physical button can be used to turn on the screen or to go straight to the home screen from any location. All of the watch’s functionalities are properly listed in the app drawer, so there’s no need to guess.

The UI and transition effects are quick and usually lag-free. Because this is an RTOS-based watch, you won’t be able to install any additional apps, which is true of nearly all watches in this price range.

Battery life

This is “the” feature that sets Realme watches apart from the competitors. The firm claims that the battery will last 14 days. But it doesn’t last that long; at 25% brightness, the watch lasts about 10 days, and at 50% brightness, it lasts about 8 days.


Most low-cost watches have an issue with this. The step counter isn’t quite up to par with Samsung’s. The heart rate monitor does not always give accurate data. The activity tracker, on the other hand, is a useful function. The water and exercise reminders are useful and enjoyable to use.

Verdict and Price in Nepal

The Realme Watch 2 Pro is priced at Rs 4,999 in India and has a one-year warranty. What is lacking here is overshadowed by what the watch has to offer. Aside from the comfort around your wrist, you get a decent-sized display, a plethora of functions, dependable sensors, built-in GPS, a respectable battery life, and adequate overall performance. It does fall short in terms of elegance and the availability of high-quality watch faces. Last but not least, it is not 100% water-resistant.

The Realme Watch 2 and Watch 2 Pro are available in India for INR 3,499 and INR 4,999, respectively. If it is released in Nepal, we anticipate that the Realme Watch 2 Pro will cost roughly NPR 9,999.

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