Ever desired to have your true wireless earbuds hanging on your ears but stepped back because of the exorbitant price or poor sound quality? The growing Chinese brand, Oppo is however aspiring people to come out of this depth of despair with the recent launch of truly wireless earbuds. The unveiling of the Oppo Enco is certain to achieve a great triumph in the market of earbuds with its finer sound quality and reasonable market price.


The new Oppo Enco comes with a small handy square case. This case acts as a carrier and a charger. The matte-finished case is not as small as that of the Airpods. Also, it crowns a decent oppo logo in the front while the prerequisite type-c port lies in the lower part of the case. 

The opening and closing of the lid is very uncomplicated and gives a tactile sensation. However, the compact inner-finishing along with strong magnetic power results in difficulty in taking the earbuds out of the case. The Oppo Enco somehow resembles the looks of the well-admired Apple AirPods with few beautifying changes.

So, if your quirks are to wear a wannabe Apple AirPods with good sound quality, then the fresh Oppo Enco will not disappoint you. Also, the silicon air tips will give you a snug-fitting just like any exorbitant earbuds. Just as any other trendy earbuds, the Oppo Enco a long stem


The light weighted earbuds are coupled with Bluetooth 5.0 technology that permits you to connect both the buds simultaneously. Simply pressing the tiny connection key will let the device enter in the pairing mode. The pairing is an effortless process if you use the buds with a single device.

The stem of the bud acts as a navigation bar and allows you to interact with the media player. Goodix capacitive touch control chip provides a good responsive action. A smooth swipe on the left bud provides you to toggle the volume. Likewise, the same action on the right bud allows you to control the track with great precision.


The budget-friendly Oppo Enco serves you a good sound quality that is far above average, especially if you are fond of pop music. The elevated bass and soothing sound will not distort even on higher sound levels. The audio quality is preferable to most of the users. However, the audiophiles will definitely crave for few supplementary features.

Talking about the non-musical content, the Oppo Enco will provide an acceptable outcome. The noise cancellation property along with the adequate raise on vocal sound is beneficial to both the calling and receiving parties. The earbud exhibits certain delays on output which is a crucial element in gaming. Thus, earbuds will not be a good choice for gamers.


Oppo has packed a 410mA.h battery on the case and a 31mA.h battery on the buds which runs for 5hours on 50% volume whereas it goes up to 25hours with a charging case. Also, it takes 70minutes to charge the buds and 2hours to charge the case. On an average, the Oppo Enco lasts for about 16-18hours involving calls, music and video streaming.


Packed with all the preferable features, the Oppo Enco price in Nepal is expected to be around Rs.12,800. The number is quite impressive in contrast to other earbuds with similar features. The price of recent-release Powerbeats 4 costs around Rs.19000 and the well-liked Apple Airpod costs exactly Rs.30,000.


The Oppo Enco serves a long-lasting battery life, harmonious sound quality, responsive control, and a fair design with a competitive price tag. If you don’t have quirks to customize music then this earbud will not disappoint you. However, if you are looking for something for the purpose of gaming or if you are a hi-fi enthusiast, then you should probably look for some other options.