Apple has come up with a new idea of manufacturing its headphone with the name, Apple AirPod Max. After the recent successful launch of the iPhone 12, we aspire to a similar outcome from the new AirPod Max. The new Apple headphone carries a huge price tag of Rs.89000. Yes, it does have the noise-canceling ability, but do you think it will justify this big price tag? Read the complete article and find out if it is worth buying or not.

Price and Availability

AirPod Max

As mentioned earlier, the new product from Apple costs Rs.89,000 in the Nepalese market. This will certainly cost you an arm and a leg. The big-budget headphone comes in five different colors; Space Gray, Silver, Sky Blue, Green, and Pink. We prefer the Space Gray just because it looks quite classy and tempting. The headphones come out of the box with a smart case and lightning to USB-C cable. However, you will buy the power adapter separately.

How Does the New Apple AirPod Max Look?

Unlike the customary Apple AirPods, the AirPod Max comes in a wide variety of colors with an astounding design. Besides, even the pink color doesn’t look like elementary in any way. It has a dimension of 7.4 X 6.6 X 3.3 inches with stainless steel body frame. Likewise, the telescoping arms are quite slender and the headphones are heftier. It is heavier than the Sony WH-1000XM3.

AirPod Max

The ear-cup looks somewhat akin to Apple’s iWatch. You can control the volume and tracks via the crown of the headset. Also, the button on the right ear-cup is used for noise cancellation. To your surprise, the device doesn’t include a power button. It stays in a low power mode when on the magnetic smart case. This is not quite a good idea. We wish if Apple changes this and incorporates a power button in future. the

Apple AirPod Max: Audio Quality

AirPod Max

It includes the 40mm dynamic driver in each of the earcups. The assists in providing a sonorous bass and prompt sound range with clean high frequencies.  It has less than 1% harmonic distortion; thanks to the neodymium ring magnet motor. The H1 chip available in each earcup has 10 audio cores. This can deliver 9billion operations per second. Having said that, we don’t recommend these headphones to true audiophiles

Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode

A few months back, AirPods Pro received a lot of criticism for not having an active noise cancellation. To overcome this issue, Apple introduced this facility in the Max version.  Although it has only one level of noise cancellation, it is still very good. The Bose 700 flaunts 11 levels of noise cancellation. However, we should not disregard the primary principle of Apple that more options are not necessarily better.


AirPod Max

Apple AirPod Max is undoubtedly one of the best in business but it doesn’t come cheap. It has several tempting features. The sound quality is up to par and the design is admirable. Besides, it has noise cancellation and transparency mode. The tempting headphone has a battery life of 20hours. But the 89,000 price tag will unquestionably break your bank. Likewise, you have tons of other premium headphone choices that perfperformthe same level and costs relatively lesser than the Apple AirPod Max.