Smart devices have become an important part of our lives. We use mobile phones for several purposes: from sharing texts to saving our passwords in notes. It has made our lives prominently comfortable and easier. However, have you ever tried to look at this story differently?

As storing our personal information on a cellphone is easy for us, it is easier for hackers to get our details. Imagine you are a bank manager and have tons of information regarding client accounts, saved on your mobile. How much worried are you going to be about the information being stolen?

Considering these facts, Samsung has bought a new privacy feature, Quick Switch, and Intelligent Content Suggestion. This will certainly reduce your concern while sharing your device with others. The Alt Z Life makes your life better with less perturbation.

Better Privacy

It has already been a decade since we stepped into the generation of selfies. However, you would not want to show all your pictures to your friends. And the only option you are left with is to lock your device and be rude to them. But things will change with the new Alt Z Life feature. All you need to do is double click the power button of your device. This allows you to switch between Private and Public modes.

Quick Switch

Alt Z Life

Similarly, the Quick Switch feature is another luring privacy attribute. As soon as you double click the power button, this feature activates. It simply switches the private mode with the public mode. Suppose you are looking for a picture of yours with your girlfriend. But guess what? Your sister walks in on you, commanding to see your mobile. In such situations, you can utilize the path-breaking feature and switch the image. Likewise, this feature assists you in several arduous situations.

Intelligent Content Suggestion

Samsung is well-known for its peculiar innovations. Similarly, this new privacy feature is unique and is certain to achieve a great triumph. The Intelligent Content Suggestion is an add-on to the Quick Switch. It is an AI feature that recommends specific images to move into a private folder. Besides, Samsung Knox protects these private folders. You need to first clarify the type of image that you want to put in the private folder. After that, be ready to receive intelligent suggestions from this feature.

Premium Feature in Mid-Range devices

Alt Z Life

Apart from introducing such a premium feature, Samsung has taken another vital step to benefit its audiences. This flagship feature is not only available on high-end devices. But you will get this feature in a mid-range Samsung device too. The budget-friendly Samsung A71 and the Samsung A51 incorporate these features. Samsung taunts these devices as the best mid-range device in the market.

Besides, it is true to a great extent. Despite landing in the economic category, these devices pack Infinity-O sAMOLED plus display. In addition, they flaunt the quad-camera module with several photography modes. And the addition of a new privacy feature just adds the icing on the cake.