After a lot of speculations and setbacks, Apple has finally released the all-new AirPods 3. And it is full of new features and functionalities. You will also get the skin-detect sensor feature; something that was not there in its prior versions. Besides, the new design, the force touch sensor, and all the iOS 15 compatible features are sure to win many hearts.

AirPods 3 Design and Comfort

AirPods 3

Both the AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro look very much similar and the only difference is seen on the ear tips. The top of the buds contains an extra mic grille and the stem is a bit shorter than the precedent variant. Besides, it is IPX4 water-resistant and is built from recycled material.

Moving on to the charging case, it is extensively portable and smaller than the AirPods Pro. They have LED on the front panel and the exterior is all-white. The charging port is on the bottom and the pairing button lies on the rear panel. The opening and the closing of the lid are very smooth; thanks to the sturdy magnets in the case.

The new AirPods 3 has excellent on-ear stability. Besides, the contoured sound port allows the AirPods to sit snuggly on the ears. However, we don’t suggest you wear these buds while running or exercising.

Controls and Digital Assistance

AirPods 3

AirPods 3 comes with a force sensor that is found on the bottom and operates flawlessly. You can manage calls, playbacks, and digital assistance via different gestures. Moreover, these buds are extensively responsive and work flawlessly. Similarly, you can access the volume slider by dropping down the control center from the top corner of your iDevice.

The peculiar skin-detect sensor precisely detects if the AirPods are in your ears or not and controls the auto-pause and automatic music play.

We can use Siri manually by saying “Hey Siri” and giving her the necessary commands. The artificial intelligence bot of Apple is very efficient and responds swiftly to voice commands. In addition, the mic offers peerless speech recognition and easily comprehends lengthy requests.

AirPods 3 Sound Quality

AirPods 3

The adaptive EQ of the new AirPods 3 helps in regulating the frequency in real-time and allows the user to listen to the music more accurately. In addition, the buds also incorporate a low-distortion driver which makes the bass sharp and powerful.

The audio is perfectly balanced and works well with all genres of music. Besides, you can also personalize the sound via the iOS sound setting. Having said that, the audio on AirPods is not the best in the market. The bass is still not as powerful as it is on other wireless earphones. Thus, if you want to wholly enjoy the music then we recommend you to listen to music in a silent environment. Likewise, the new AirPods don’t eliminate the noise and you can hear different external soundscapes.

AirPods 3 Battery Life and Charging Case

AirPods 3

Apple has made a significant improvement in the battery life of AirPods. The AirPods3 lasts for a total of six hours of listening time which is an hour more than its predecessors. However, the number is still shorter than its competitors like Sony WF-1000XM4 which lasts up to 10hours on average.

Further, the luring feature like optimized battery charging comprehends your charging routine and terminates the charge at 80% to reduce wear.

Similarly, another improvement is seen on the MagSafe charging case which increases the battery life of the buds to 30hours from 24hour. However, it doesn’t support the reverse wireless charging feature. You can also charge the buds on a Qi-enabled wireless pad. The fast-charging capability can generate an hour of use on a 5-minute charge.