Android 10 is one of the best versions of Android that is not only a sturdy software but also offers you several peculiar features. Although Android 11 is already on the verge to release, people still adore the prior year’s update of Android 10. Android is well-known for using varieties of dessert names. Android 1.5 embraced the sweet Cupcake name and ever since then, Android loves to crown dessert names on its software.

Android 10

However, the long-lived trend is surprisingly not seen in the 10th version of Android. “Android 10” itself is a name on this version which is quite tedious. The newer version of Android flaunts a frisky and jolly logo while the sweet names are now taken over by the numbers.

Revised Gesture Navigation of Android 10

Android 10

The back button on the bottom bar is no more seen on the Android 10. To make the visualization more tempting, it includes full gesture navigation. The swipe up gesture takes you back to your home page while a swipe up and pause gesture brings the multitasking menu. Likewise, a smooth swipe from the left to right takes you a step back from wherever you are. However, if you are not comfortable with the new gesture then you can change it to the two-button or three-button system. Also, the latest devices that come with Android 10 from the beginning, solely offers you the three-button system.

System-Wide Dark Mode of Android 10

Android 10

Previously, Android Pie restricted the features of dark mode to a certain boundary. Besides, the interface was still quite colorful. Android 10 on the other hand boasts a better, system-wide dark theme. It looks belligerent and sportier. In addition, it can be switched ON and OFF as per your desire, using the Quick Setting toggle. Similarly, you can put a particular application into the dark theme while switching the system-wide dark mode to On.

Live Caption – Simpler and Beneficial Element

Android 10

We are in a generation where mobile phones have magnificent audio outputs. However, it does not matter at all for deaf people. They go through a lot of tough times, especially while watching a podcast or talking over a video-call. Taking this crucial aspect under consideration, Google included a feature of Live Caption on the Android 10. This feature provides an on-time caption for anything that includes a sound. You can use the Live Caption feature through the accessibility setting.

New Privacy and Security Features

Android 10

A good number of changes are seen in the privacy and security sector. Android 10 allows you to share your location details only while using certain applications. Besides, it also notifies you if any of your inactive application is accessing your locale. Likewise, the Privacy Setting allows you to take control over Web, Application, and Ad Settings. Prominent bug-fixing updates for security and privacy are also available on Google Play. This permits you to fix your security problems without having to update the entire operating system.             

What do we know about Android 11?

Android 11

Android 10 is a power-pack software that has almost all the modern-day features. The athletic Dark Mode, the Live Caption facility, the better Navigation gestures, and strong privacy are quite enticing. However, the Big dog is yet to enter the room; Android 11. The Android 11 was initially planned to be released on 3rd June 2020. However, it was canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Google taunts that it will have an abundance of anomaly features and attributes.