NIU Gova G5
NIU Gova G5 – Is It Better than the Luyuan S30?

The famous brand NIU has launched a new scooter Gova G5 with Eco Infinity being the official distributor of this beautiful two-wheeler in Nepal. It was launched by the executive director of Eco Infinity, Mr. Tarun Bajracharya, and Pragun Rajbhandari. Besides, the ravishing Gova G5 has already dragged a lot of eyes ever since its…

Segway E100
Segway E100 – A Featureful E-Scooter At Rs.2,91,000

Nepal has welcomed another electric brand, the Segway-Ninebot, and the new Segway E100 is its first launch. The predominant aspect of bringing this brand to Nepal is to encourage a clean and safe environment. The company is into robotic technology since 1999 and is well-renown for the production of two-wheelers. Therefore, the new e-scooter features…