Padma colony is a well known real estate company, with an experience of 14 years, successfully marking its name among the top 5 real estate company of Nepal. Padma Colony after completion of 2 successful projects namely; Padma Colony Phase I (Sitapaila) and Padma Colony Phase II (Kusunti), and selling about 230+ units, it has introduced yet another project Padma Colony Phase III. 

Padma Colony Phase III is a luxury home built at the very peaceful location of Ramkot, Sitapaila. With greenery surrounding the location, it leaves the crowd behind and presents you with peace and homelike environment at its display. Total of 91 Units standing in a land area of 45 Ropani, Padma Colony Phase III offers you with amenities like swimming pool, parking facility, garden, CCTV surveillance camera for security, security guards, fire extinguishers, yoga-fitness center, hot water solar system and blacked topped inner roads. Besides the amenities and facilities, Padma Colony Phase III is built with a building designed as per Nepal Building Code, with fully earthquake resistance RCC framed structure. 

The site land chosen for Padma Colony Phase III has gone through soil test, cube test of cement, and strength test of steel. Footing size and structural design have been adopted according to the test result. Having said this, Padma Colony Phase III is safely built housing. The site touches the proposed Dhading- Kathmandu 11-Meter highway. Main entrance road here are 7 meters, and the inner road is 6 meters. 

Basic Details:

– Tie Beam: Double Tie Beam

– Pillar: 12 X 12

– Rods: 16 MM – 4 Pcs + 12 MM – 4 Pcs (Double ring of 8 MM rods – spacing 4″)

– Mixing/ Structure: Appropriate Mixing of cement, sand, and aggregate in the proper ratio of 1:1, 5:3.

– Wall: Standard size of 9″ with a tie (Linter) in upper and lower part of the window. 

– Car porch: Standard Size/tiles of block fitting.

– Parqueting: Sisham wood in the staircase and laminated parqueting in floors.

– False Ceiling: Waterproof in a bathroom and fireproof in Kitchen.

– Painting: Wall putty, primer, paint from Asian Paint.

– Electricity: Modular switch of Northwest and Wipro brand.

– Plumbing: CPVC and PVC pipes of Plumber and Astral Brand

– Bathroom: Somani and NITCO

– Marbles: Egyptian marble


**** Build up area from 1526.19 Sq. ft to 2327 Sq. ft. ****

**** Price starting from NRs. 2,66,00,000 to NRs. 3,75,00,000 

**** Only 25 units left. Hurry up!!

Contact Basobaas @ 9801038835 / 9801038851 / 9802303142