Residential House on sale at Tikathali, Lalitpur.

This box-design house is available on sale at Tikathali, Lalitpur. This residential house covers the area of 3.75 aana.  This property has 2.5-storey structure with 13 feet road access attach to it. This house is located just about 100 m away from Buddha party place & 200 m from Siddhipur Bhatbhateni. The house faces towards south-east direction. This house has good interior designs with matching colors in different rooms. The exterior of the house is painted with washable paints where as at interiors, royal texture paint has been used. Parqueting on every rooms, laminated wood, attached wardrobe & false ceiling definitely adds value to the house.

The ground floor of this property can be rented out for flat system as it consists of 2 room, 1 kitchen & 1 bathroom. Built at a rectangular shape land & at three way center point, the front face of this house will always be visible from all three sides of road. All the basis facilities such as water, drainage & electricity are available. Parking space can contain 2 cars. 

Total area: 0-3-3-0

Face: South-East

Location: Tikathali, Lalitpur

Total price: Nrs 3,75,00,000/-

Contact Basobaas Nepal Pvt. Ltd: @9801038851 // 9801038835