A residential house for rent is available at Nagarjun – 6, Ramkot, Kathmandu. The house is facing South-West direction. It has good facilities of water supply, drainage system, parking space.  This beautiful bungalow is located at the most suitable residential place.  This beautiful semi-furnished bungalow is built in 3.5 aana with a 2.5 story structure suitable for residential purposes with facilities like easy transportation access, a well-facilitated marketplace nearby, hospitals, and educational centers in the nearest distance.

Floor Plans :

  • Ground floor has Parking space, Reserved tank, and shoe rack space. 1 Storage room, 1 Kitchen, 1 Dining space, 1 Livingroom, and 1 Bathroom.
  • the First floor has 1 Master Bedroom, 1 Common Bedroom with attached Wardrobe, 1 Common Bedroom space, 1 Lobby space, and 1 Common Bathroom.
  • Second floor has 1 Common Bedroom with 1 Common Bathroom, Temple space, and Veranda.
  • Top floor has Laundry & Cleaning space, 2000 liters water tank, Solar and Out space.


Interested people can contact on :9865596747/9841467648