All About the new Tambour Horizon

Louis Vuitton is one of the well-known expensive brands in the world. It is quite well known for its luxury items. Likewise, the brand has been manufacturing alluring and big-budget timepieces since 2002. But now it has stepped into the game of smartwatch with Tambour Horizon.

The revelation simply indicates a new competitor to famous brands of Tag Heuer and Hublot. The new watch from Louis Vuitton is more like jewelry. It is not a sports-centric watch that includes heart-rate sensors, GPS, and many more. Nevertheless, it is a perfect wristwatch that just makes your overall outfit prepossessing.   

Alluring Design of Tambour Horizon

tambour horizon

The Tambour Horizon looks quite akin to the Tambour Moon. It is an analog watch from Louis Vuitton. Getting back to the new smartwatch, it is 42mm wide and is moderately thick. Although the watch is quite hefty and big, it snuggly fits your wrist. Likewise, the brand is smartly used its bezel for numbering. Thus, making the watch look bezel-less. On the other hand, the 1.2inches display produces a crisp resolution of 390 X 390. Besides, the AMOLED display doesn’t have a flat tire.

Specification of Tambour Horizon

As said earlier, Tambour Horizon is not a fitness-centric smartwatch. And thus, it doesn’t have GPS and a heart rate sensor. Likewise, it doesn’t have NFC payment assistance. The watch is more a travel-centric. The two tempting features present in this watch are LV Guide and My Flight.

However, to use these features you need to download the LV Link application. LV Guide guides you to absorbing places whenever you are in one of the seven cities. The seven cities are London, Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo.

tambour horizon

On the other hand, My Flight helps you to maintain your punctuality. Once you email your flight details to a specific given email address, you will see a timer on your watch face. Now, talking about the watch face, it has nine different watch faces. All the faces are exceptionally beautiful and obliging.

Price in Nepal

The luxurious Louis Vuitton watch is certain to break your bank. The Tambour Horizon price in Nepal will be somewhere around Rs.4,13,000. But complaining about its exorbitant price is quite not fair as the brand is well-known to produce luxury watches. On the other hand, the Tag Heuer Modular 45 costs around Rs.6,80,000 with a few more features and functionalities. 

Our Verdict

tambour horizon

The expensive Tambour Horizon is predominantly manufactured targeting wealthy watch enthusiasts and is mainly built for luxury purposes. The device includes all the modern-day features and looks astounding physically. But the device has more to offer and that is the LV logo, which is beautifully crowned in the watch. If you are seeking a luxurious timepiece, then we highly recommend you to buy the watch. However, if you are someone looking for a feature-rich, affordable watch then there are tons of other choices.