Whenever you want to buy a headphone, the noise cancellation element is the first thing you will be looking for. The present-day AirPods or Earbuds are very handy and do a brilliant job. But they cannot be compared with the typical Headphones, which are solely built to hear music. The brand-new KEF Porsche Design Space One embraces a super cool noise-cancellation.

Besides, it has the belligerent design that most of the youngsters crave for. However, we believe that the price of this pair of headphones is a bit high.  You can get the Bose QuietComfort 35 II and the Sony WH-1000XM2 at a much lower price with indistinguishable audio output.


KEF Porsche Design Space One

The new KEF headset comes out of the beautiful hand carry case with a 3.5mm cable, a micro USB cable, and an airline adapter. The packaging is very decent and tempting. Likewise, we should appreciate the beautiful manufacture of the headset. They feel brawny and premium when you hold it in your hands. The body is mostly built with aluminum. Also, the alluring, sweat-resistant pads on the top are very squashy. Besides, adjusting the headband is very facile.

The leatherette touches make the physicality of the headset even better. Having said that, we should remember that these headphones are not built for bigger heads.  The earcups also have the leatherette finish which makes it very snuggly to wear. The USB charging port and the 3.5mm jack resides on the right earcup. You will also find the buttons to play and pause the track.

In addition, a tactile button to power on and off the headset is also seen. Likewise, it also assists you in turning on and off the Bluetooth and the ANC mode. However, all of these buttons are placed in a complicated place.


KEF Porsche Design Space One

When it comes to the headphones, what do you think matters the most? Undoubtedly, it’s the sound quality. It doesn’t matter how good your headset looks if it cannot perform well. The new KEF Porsche Design Space One flaunts a deep, sonorous sound. It performs well in almost all genres of music. However, they are at their best in Pop Music and the Podcasts.

If you are a deep baas lover then this is certainly not for you. There are tons of other options in the market if that is your case. Now, talking about the noise cancellation, it is exceptionally good. In some cases, you don’t even need to turn the ANC on. The tight fit of the headset minimizes most of the outside sounds.

Besides, the call incoming sound is also up to the par. But some callers did have problems with the muffled audio output. The modish headphones allow you to receive or reject the call using the buttons on the right earcup. Likewise, the KEF Porsche Design Space One incorporates a good battery life. it will easily last for 30hours with Bluetooth and ANC On.


Comprehensively, the KEF Porsche Design Space One is an excellent headset. Its price in Nepal is around Rs.60,000 But it’s very difficult to recommend these super-expensive headphones. You will surely get a good audio-output, a good battery backup, and a good ANC. But is it worth your money? The answer is NO. You can get all those enticing features on other reasonable headsets as well. Also, the awkward placement of buttons is not something you want in Rs.60,000.

However, if you want to flush your money on a headphone that looks voguish and performs well then you can certainly have the space one. Else, if you want an economic headphone with similar functions and functionalities then you have tons of other options in the market.