The mobile manufacturers do not produce foldable phones anymore. However, Motorola has introduced an expensive flip device recently. The long-lost Motorola Razr is once again back in life. The device looks faintly similar to the old Razr. We can see a lot of beautifying and modish changes in this device. The exterior display and the futuristic interior screen look enticing. But this expensive device has few snags. Read the complete review to know whether the new Motorola Razr 2020 worth the money or not.


The new Motorola Razr 2020 looks quite familiar to the original version. The new device is a flip cellphone that folds vertically. The thick bottom panel certainly reminds you of the precedent version. However, the newer razor looks much more premium device. The freshly released Razr flaunts a beautiful Quick View OLED display on the exterior. Besides, the bulky bottom edge gives you a better hold of the device. The device flaunts a minuscule speaker that generates a sonorous sound. The gigantic 6.2-inch display welcomes you when you unfold the device.

The 6.77-inches device is reduced to 3.7-inches when folded. People who opt for skinny jeans will certainly love this device, mainly for its compact size. The manufacturer claims to have spent 4 years for the development of hinge. However, the hinge of the device is little stiff. Another snag is the gap that you notice while shutting down the phone. But there has not been any big issue on the hinge, till the date. You will also feel certain bumps and lumps while scrolling which the Motorola claims to be normal.


The Razr 2020 brags a two display. The inner display is 6.2-inch in size. It generates a crisp resolution of 2142 X 876 pixels with a 21:9 ratio. Likewise, the 2.7-inch exterior display has a 4:3 ratio. Having said that, the plastic display is not as sleek as the glass display. Also, at the top brightness of 386nits, the screen is still very dim.

The device runs the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor. For the big money of the device, the Moto Razr 2020 should have the Snapdragon 800 series. Also, the 2510mAh battery of the device is not satisfactory. This will last you 13 hours on an average.

The device comes with a 15W Turbo-power adapter. It charges the device from 0-40% under 30 minutes. The stat is not quite impressive in this modern generation of technologies. The 205gm mobile packs the 6GB of memory. Likewise, it includes a 128GB of storage capacity. The new Razr supports the Android 10 OS.


The Motorola Razr has a dual-camera system. The exterior includes a single lens of 16-megapixel. Similarly, the interior notch holds the 5-megapixel selfie camera. But the rear camera can also be used as the selfie camera. However, the camera of this device is not up to par. The picture quality lacks detailing and fairness.

More to it, the night vision mode is very shaky and lacks the crispiness. The front-facing camera is not good either. You will get a better result if you use the rear camera for the selfies. But it still cannot match the quality of the iPhone 11 and OnePlus 8.


The freshly released, flip mobile from Motorola is certain to break your bank. The cost of Motorola Razr is around Rs.2,00,000 in Nepal. This will cost you an arm and a leg. The iPhone 11 Pro Max costs you Rs.1,78,000. Likewise, the Galaxy S20 Ultra carries a price tag of Rs.1,60,000.  Having said that, the Razr lacks several premium features. 6GB of RAM is something you don’t want to get in Rs.2,00,000.

Besides, the poor camera, small battery, and the unsatisfactory built quality will disappoint you. You can find tons of other better options for the same price or maybe even lower price. We recommend you to rather invest your money on iPhone 11 Pro, Samsung Note 10, Galaxy S20 Ultra, or OnePlus 8. You can get all these devices at a much lower price. Also, these devices flaunt better functions and functionalities.