The rapid development in the urbanization and the concentration of people in such areas have no doubt, made transportation a necessity. Meanwhile, the fossil fuels used in operating motor vehicles have led in increase production of harmful gases and consequently deteriorated the environment. The negative impacts on human health is viable. The best alternative would be to replace such engines with electric motors. A total modern and sophisticated in its looks, Hyundai Kona is a stylish and compact 5 door SUV. A unique and sophisticated outlook makes it an eye catching automotive in the street.


Designed by Hyundai, KONA is a pure electric vehicle which guarantees no emission at all. This leads to the fact that you will not have to worry regarding the environmental deterioration and your health while enjoying the comfortable drive in this vehicle. Likewise, Operated by 39.2kWh lithium-ion polymer battery, the increased power density coped with the better performance and greater driving range makes ride no doubt a memorable one. 


To be more technical, KONA comes with the drive range of over 300km on a single charge. In a normal condition, 8 hours’ charge should be sufficient to raise the percentage to 80. If there is an access to fast charging (rapid 100KW), 0-80% should be levelled up in around 30 minutes.  Comparatively, a gasoline engine with similar performance would have to fuel up nearly twice to run the same mileage. EPCU (Electric Power Control Unit) is highly advance and is also regarded as the brain behind Kona Electric. It is equipped with mechanism to control various electrical and electronic systems. Simply put, a regenerative braking effect mechanism allows the battery to regenerate power while decelerating is an excellent feature available.

Further exploring the driving comfort, it has very impressive acceleration. 0-100 km/h in just 9.7 sec is an enticing element The motors being permanent-magnet synchronous; the high voltage electric motor delivers an impressive 100KW (150KW with other variant) of power with a maximum torque of 395Nm for instant and impressive acceleration. As my driving experience, it gives the thrill of a jet engine with no noisy exhaust. 


Excellent cabin is another major attraction of Hyundai KONA. Well-equipped with every crucial thing needed by a driver at your fingertips make this vehicle excellent. Stuffs such as switching between drives, shifting the vehicle to natural (Park) can be made with a simple press of the button on the center console. There is no any need to worry engaging parking brake like in tradition vehicle because KONA automatically locks the tires once the engine is off. Electric Parking Brake (EPB) with auto hold makes this possible.

Besides, a 5 seater vehicle with plenty of room for cargo and also comfortable space for head, shoulder and leg makes drive a smoothing one. Its cargo capacity is 332 liters and with the seat folded it increases up to 1114 liters. Therefore, space is not compromised at all.


5 star in safe rating. 6 airbags, electronic stability control, hill assist control, high strength steel, rear view camera and reverse parking sensors should be enough to guarantee drivers safety.


To promote EVs (Electric Vehicles), government has waved off taxes as imposed on petroleum engines. This reduces the 250% people pay as tax to own a vehicle. Approximately, NRs 55,96,000 would be around 1.5 crores. Summing up, people using gasoline end up paying 1 crore on taxes. The 150kw variants of Kona with driving range of 493km costs 65,96,000.