The rumors of Huawei, launching a revised version of Gt 2 happened to be true. Earlier this week, Huawei unveiled the snazzy version of a smartwatch with the name GT 2e. Almost all the parts of the precedent GT 2 has been reused, with minimal changes to make it a lot sportier. Also, the athletic smart-watch has made some remarkable changes in terms of specifications. The fitness-focused GT 2e is a good alternative to the likes of iWatch and Galaxy Gear.


The stainless-steel frame body shows-off the slim bezel with two buttons located on the right side of the watch. Also, the colorful straps enhance the look of the watch to great extent. The 47mm GT 2e is quite bigger in contrast to the standard size. That said, the smart-watch is very comfortable to wear and fits snuggly on your wrist.

Walking on the same path of Gt2, the new Huawei GT 2e has the same 1.39inches AMOLED display that generates 454 X 454 of resolution. The texts and details are sharp despite not having a superlative range of brightness. The unisex GT 2e, with its beautiful design and lightweight doesn’t feel like a cheap wearable.     


Huawei never lags behind when it comes to incorporating adequate features with a decent cut-rate. The GT 2e includes 16GB of RAM which is 2GB more than the prior version. The 455mA.h battery lasts up to 14days in a single charge which is quite impressive, given a satisfactory number of features. The ascribe to longer battery life should be given to the Kirin A1 processor which is very efficient and powerful.

The 50m water resistance mark of the GT 2e is very acceptable. The new smartwatch allows you to store up to 500 songs. This feature certainly makes it a street ahead of other smart-watches. The sport-focused GT 2e incorporates a number of fitness related features. These features help you track your sleep hours, calories intake, and many more.  


The GT 2e includes a GPS that allows you to track almost all of your fitness details. Whether it be your workout progression or your everyday walking steps, GT 2e will precisely aid you. The device stores your all-day walking steps, climbing steps, calories consumed, and total distance travelled. Furthermore, the smart-watch alerts you after you have been sedentary for a long time.


The smart-watch brags optical heart-rate monitors on board which manifest accurate heartbeat measurement. Apart from the heart-rate tracking attribute, the GT 2e also indulges SpO2 sensor for blood oxygen reading. The device tracks your maximum and minimum heartbeat of the day. In supplementary, it also provides the data of your dim, light and REM stages of sleep.


The watch also provides the feature of tracking stress called TruRelax. The device asks you a list of questions and on the basis of your answers, it measures the level of stress. It also provides the elevated, demoted and the average score that is measured over a day.


The fresh GT 2e allows you to keep the data of 100 different activities. GT 2e also provides a number of pre-installed workout routines with different difficulty levels and your heartbeat rate signifies your negligence in the routine and then prompts you to work harder.

The new GT 2e is supposed to be a great wearable for athletes especially for runners as it provides the information of lap times, heart rate zones and many more. Nevertheless, the smart-watch also provides your recorded stat which includes recovery time, training status and training loads.

Huawei smart-watch also detects your workout and logs the data whether it be a weight training or a cardio session. All-to-all the new Huawei GT 2e includes many exceptional features most of which are sports centric, and thus will be an optimum choice for sportspersons.


The new Huawei smartwatch, GT 2e price in Nepal is around Rs.21,000 which is quite inexpensive when we turn our heads on the rivals such as the Samsung Active 2 costs Rs. 40,000 and the prior model, the Gt2 costs exactly Rs.28,500. Coming with all the exceptional features and budget-friendly price tag, the Huawei GT 2e is a deal that you should probably not miss out on.