With the recent success of the iPhone 11, Apple has taken a further step to expand their fame and bring diversity in their models. The launch of 2nd generation iPhone SE seems to be a triumph in the market and the ideal choice for the public. The new Apple iPhone SE is a tantalizing concept that will keep pace with all the mid-range android smartphones. Introduced in April, it is one of the hottest phones of the year 2020 and important products in a long time.

Landing at the price of $400 and bringing the classic apple model to life, the new iPhone SE will annihilate all the mediocre smartphones. The iPhone SE incorporates all the prominent processors and the software of the present-day iPhone 11 indulged in the body of the iPhone 8 from 2017. The classic design of the apple has endured identical since the iPhone 6. Having said that, the device unequivocally has streets ahead of attributes and longevity.


The 2020 Apple iPhone SE boasts the 4.7inches screen with a black bezel around its display, in the user-oriented body. Although the size of the device might be deemed as a downside, there is a lot more to look for, in this anomaly apple product. The material and proportion are indistinguishable from that of the iPhone 8.

The new SE embraces the glass front and back and aluminum sides with IP67 water and dust resistant property. Also, the supreme touch ID fingerprint scanner in the home button. The device however lacks the headphone socket and Face ID. The 148g iPhone SE feels superlight. Also, the tiny size and lightweight make the device handy that can preferably be used with one hand. 

The device is installed with the IOS 13.4.1. The same version of IOS is running on the costly series of iPhone 11. The only dissimilarity is the absence of gesture control. 3GB iPhone SE with baseline storage of 64GB is introduced with 3 color variants black, white, and red.


Unexpectedly, the Apple iPhone SE under good light captures the picture with the quality almost alike to the iPhone 11. The single-camera system is quite familiar to that of the iPhone 8. Despite the absence of a wide-angle lens, night mode, and fringing on closed up substance, the camera is way above the average for the price. Besides, the selfie camera is also pretty good that processes a well-exposed detailed picture.

The 4K video at 60fps of iPhone SE is the best among all the cellphones at that price. All the eminent aspects that people prefer for videography such as stability, proper details, and good focus is available in the iPhone SE.


The 2nd generation iPhone SE has the same A13 Bionic processor as that of the iPhone 11. This directly manifests that the device will brag a top-tier performance. The device is certain to have better durability in comparison to any other phones of the same price range.

Nevertheless, the enhancement in the performance compels the deterioration of battery life. But the new SE with 1821mAh battery, still lasts one hour longer than the iPhone 8 in between charges. The estimated stats gives  27 hours in between charges, which is 8hours less than that of the iPhone 11.


The iPhone SE is the revitalization of the iPhone 8 from 2017. In addition with the splendid A13 bionic processor of the iPhone 11. You will also be getting all these first-grade performances at a much affordable price. The 4.7-inch display can be a disappointment for some. However, this issue can be overlooked easily considering its budget.

The 2020 iPhone SE is preferably manufactured for the individuals who want a handy phone incorporated with all the attributes and longevity. So, if you want a mid-range cell phone with an exceptional camera, proper battery backup, superior processor, wireless charging, and the brand, this is the phone to buy.